Low Impact Woodland Management

We undertake a range of low impact and traditional approaches to woodland management. As users of timber products we feel duty bound to ensure that the woodlands we take from are well looked after. We work throughout Wales on projects to promote biodiversity and derive and economic benefit from the land. Our woodland management work encompasses a broad spectrum of activities from using low impact silvicultural systems (LISS) in coniferous forestry to selective thinning and coppice restoration in broadleaved woods. We undertake the work ourselves and work closely with our subcontractors to ensure the highest quality work, with the lowest impact and the best returns.

Operations & Services we offer:

  • Timber harvesting and marketing
  • Selective felling
  • Motor-manual harvesting for continuous cover
  • Coppice initiation and restoration
  • Invasive species control
  • Forest roading
  • Timber resale
  • Value adding
  • Management planning

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